Swatch and Visa Europe offer Pay By The Wrist on Swatch Bellamy watch

Sandra Vogel
Written by Sandra Vogel

Swatch and Visa Europe have signed an agreement giving eligible Visa cardholders in the U.S., Switzerland and Brazil the ability to tap and pay with Swatch’s new “pay-by-the-wrist” watch, SWATCH BELLAMY.

Slated to launch in early 2016, SWATCH BELLAMY can be used globally, anywhere contactless, NFC-based (near-field communications) Visa payments are accepted.

Contactless NFC technology uses high-frequency radio waves to enable electronic devices to communicate over short distances, usually less than 10cm. The new SWATCH BELLAMY watches have a built-in NFC chip hidden under the dial. Like a prepaid bankcard, a SWATCH BELLAMY watch allows customers to pay for items using merchants’ contactless POS terminals.

Pay-by-the-wrist transactions require absolutely no energy at all from the watch itself, meaning customers can expect the usual battery life of a Swatch.

SWATCH BELLAMY, in collaboration with Visa, is scheduled to be initially available in early 2016 in the U.S., Switzerland, and Brazil. SWATCH BELLAMY was first presented in China, in October 2015.

This is what Swatch says about the name:

“Why “SWATCH BELLAMY”? In his fascinating 1888 novel “Looking Backward 2000-1887″, American writer Edward Bellamy envisions a utopian world in which cash has been replaced by credit/debit cards — Bellamy was the first
to write about such cards, forty years before anyone else. Always happy to acknowledge fellow innovators and visionaries, Swatch has named its new pay-by-the-wrist watch “SWATCH BELLAMY”. It‘s also true that “bel ami”
means “good friend” in French, and the new BELLAMY watch will doubtless become a good friend to its wearer.”

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