Sandra VogelSandra Vogel has more than 20 years experience writing about a wide range of technology topics. She specialises in mobile tech, and has a broad and deep understanding of the mobile phone sector.

contact Sandra: editor@mobileindustry.com



Paul SkeldonPaul Skeldon is a freelance technology journalist specialising in mobile. He currently edits telemedia-news.com and is mobile editor at Internet Retailing.



Tim GreenTim Green is a journalist who’s been writing about mobile for 10 years, first with Screen Digest, then Mobile Entertainment. Today, Tim watches the mobile payments space carefully via his Mobile Money Revolution blog, and recently joined the tech magazine/site Hot Topics as executive editor.


Rupert GoodwinsRupert Goodwins is a writer, editor and broadcaster who has been addicted to exploring technology since dinosaurs roamed his ZX81. He wrote about mobile tech when phones were the size of housebricks, and is enjoying watching them gradually get back up there.