About Mobile Industry

We are on the edge of a massive shift and it is not an overstatement to say that the future of some businesses and even industry sectors relies on how they react to mobile.

There has been a quiet revolution in recent years as smartphones become more powerful and better connected.
This has gone hand in hand with developments in wireless technologies and means that many people expect to be able to conduct their lives through their mobile device.

Businesses need to respond to this change in how we are engaging with them and we aim to pass a magnifying glass over particular sectors to see how they are performing.

Here at Mobile Industry we are interested in everything to do with mobile – although we have a particular interest in mobile payments, and especially charge to mobile, as we see that as a central component of the new mobile lifestyle that consumers are moving towards.

People want not only to research products and services on mobile, but to purchase them too. Millions of us are happy to make purchases over the internet, and to transfer cash via electronic banking using computers, tablets and phones. Paying for goods and services with our mobile is just another part of the cashless mix.

At Mobile Industry we will be examining different sectors and exploring how they adapt to the mobile revolution from all angles. We aim to offer advice, support and a friendly kick up the backside when needed.

We hope you like what we’re doing.

If you have news for us please get in touch.