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82 percent NOT intending to pay for Christmas gifts via mobile or watch

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Sandra Vogel
Written by Sandra Vogel

Analyst Skopos has released the headline-grabbing figure from its Skopos MTrack research for September that 82 percent of UK adults are not intending to pay for Christmas gifts via mobile or watch (for example via Apple Pay or Samsung Pay or similar).

The analyst goes on to say that the key reason for this is, quite simply, that 94% of us do not do not currently have an Apple or Samsung or similar smartwatch and 40% do not have an Apple or Samsung mobile (the market leaders in smartphones).

Skopos also says there is some possible misunderstanding amongst users/customers, pointing out that 17% of Apple/Android phone owners say their mobile is not compatible with mobile payments (although this could also be an age/model issue).

Further barriers are identified, and for those not intending to use mobile payments this Christmas these other off-putters and explanations include…

  • No interest in a smartphone/watch (not needed/wanted/expensive) 18%
  • Prefer paying by cards (as now) 17%
  • Security/scam concerns 10%
  • Will shop online for Christmas (not in-store) 10%
  • Prefer paying by cash (as now) 9%

Skopos also says that to counterbalance this negative view, the current small percentage of ‘smart’ owners/users (and mobile payers) is likely to increase, especially amongst younger men, with a quarter of men and a third of those under 35 saying they intend to get a smartwatch (for instance) in the near future.

We also know that in total, after just a short period since introduction, that just under 1 in 5 (18%) of UK adults aged 18+ do intend paying for their Christmas presents via a smartphone or smartwatch this coming Christmas, e.g. via Apple/Samsung Pay. The survey shows that women and older people are less likely to take this option.

Add to this the current heavy promotions by banks for mobile payments, and the ever increasing number of outlets installing mobile payment facilities, and Skopos says it can safely predict a healthier future for mobile payments.

photo credit: Mobiles Bezahlen mit Vodafone SmartPass via photopin (license)

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